Monday, May 2, 2011

Find Me

Maybe I'm a little bit crazy
To be thinkin' bout you lately,
Shoulda said, coulda said
does nothing but leave me hanging.
Now maybe you think you've found
Just another girl inside your world
And maybe you think that she
is the girl that you call me...

baby find me.
find me early mornings
out past that line of pines
find me in my car
driving outside the lines
find me right beside you
or a thousand miles away
I just want you to find me
on an ordinary day.

The girl you see ain't who I am
Cuz who I am no eye could see
I promise you, you won't be sorry
Once you pick apart the pieces
Of my endless simple story
And find the real me

Baby find me
Find me the day I showed up late
To my first awkward date
Find the smile I lost in pictures
That line my mamas staircase
Find me on that old dirt road
That one place I still call home
I just want you to find me
In my every day.

Now you're thinkin'
That's a whole lotta searchin
and a whole lotta lookin'
A whole lotta exploration
with no final destination

Baby find me
Find me and all my friends
out on the lake summer weekends
Meet my mama and meet my daddy
pick me up in the middle of the night
drive till the break of dawn
wake up layin' right beside me
and you might see...
You found the me that no one sees.

 By: Brooke Thomas

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